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From the BBC's first broadcast in 1922 up to yesterday's news, BBC Motion Gallery gives you exclusive access to the world's most comprehensive collection of unique, distinctive and high quality motion imagery. Choose from over 125,000 license-ready, online clips ...

“The Sherman Marketing team delivered great results, with a remarkable depth of knowledge.”
       Jan Ross, Senior Vice President BBC Motion Gallery
The Challenge

Before entering into a long-term relationship with Getty Images, the BBC Motion Gallery had to compete with Getty on a daily basis around the world. They needed much better Google ranking and wanted a new SEO program to get them there. They chose us to develop and implement the new SEO campaign.  

What We Did

We provided ...
  • Comprehensive market research 
  • Up-to-date SEO campaign
  • Monthly analytics and refinement

The BBC SEO team was in London and we were in Los Angeles and it made no difference. We were able to communicate easily, implement all programming changes thru the BBC team, monitor results, and consistently make monthly refinements until the site was beautifully optimized.

What We Achieved

The BBC Motion Gallery website continually climbed the Google ranks for its most important keywords and phrases. Their business increased, and ultimately they became an important acquisition target for Getty Images and others. Successful SEO played a strong role in their attractiveness to these suitors.
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