Turning Fire



Turningfire is a chef-driven rotisserie kitchen specializing in modern seasonal menus using locally-sourced ingredients, all-natural meats, produce & craft beverages. Exotic spices, fruits, and herbs are balanced together with meats and fresh produce. This is clean, natural cooking designed to capture intense flavors through rotisserie roasting.

"Sherman Marketing offers the ‘peace of mind’ that all companies want."
       Michael Riboli, Owner

The Challenge

Turning Fire was opening a new kind of restaurant in the upcoming Eagle rock area of Los Angeles. They had very specific goals for their new website; mobile responsive, easy to navigate, concise, colorful in a way that properly represented their fresh, approachable brand, and modern.  

What We Did

We provided ...
  • Mobile Responsive Website 
  • Concise, contemporary design
  • Content development

After describing what they wanted as best as they could, before they had a final logo, or final color palette, Turning Fire asked us to begin designing and building their site because they needed a website quickly to hire staff and to create "Coming Soon" momentum in the neighborhood. We got started, and while there were aesthetic and design changes throughout as their own corporate identity got finalized, we flowed with it, changing the site as needed, and helping them keep it as concise as they said they wanted (sites have a way of expanding if you're not careful).

What We Achieved

The website helped with initial hiring, showing the spirit and culture of the place before it officially opened. Since the restaurant opened, the site continues to fulfill the goals set by Turning Fire; mobile responsive, fresh light design, very concise content.
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